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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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home. i'm shocked i'm shockkd how the shooters tried to cover up ================= the criminal is lucky granny only swung twice. twice. 33 "you gotta take care of yourself. you're not weak. the big suprise this senior citizen got while fighting off &pan intruder.================== p=============== another democrat resigns amid a sex friends teenage daughter. why &prepresentative wu says he'll resign, as long as he's allowed tookeep his ssaa untii august.=================== ================ they gurantee you'll cheat on your adultery is putting their money here their mouth is. =================== 3 3 iim jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. u.s. is set to default on its - deets for the first time in the counnty's history, unless a deal can get done. ddne. the sttllmate.../ continues on... capptol hill.../. áálawmakersáá are... still trying to work out.../
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a compromise raise the debt ceillng.../ and... cut spending... / before... auuust seeo. second.. last night,,../ pressdent / ááblamingáá reppblicans... for beinn unwilliig.../ to &pcomprooise...../ áátheyáá want... more cuts... to balance the budget.../ by... the end of the year..../ áábutáá mr... obama says....that means.../ ddastic cuts... to programs pike... sociall security.../. members... agree to their deep spending cuts approach." "the democrats just want to gee past the nnet election and the your feettto the fire for the next election."> election."> timing s crucial. / democratts.. want to raise the debttceiling... thru.. 2013. republicans.../ speaker boehner's deaa.../ to cut spending.../ áwithoutá... any tax americans won't ave as much money as advertised according to the cbo. that wwll delay a ote ntil at least thursday. thursday.
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3both parties.../ are... still meeting behind closed doorr.../ to... get ááworldáá markets... there's... no deal.../ pt... could throwwthe global economyy.. intt ttrmoil.../. leader harry reid.... the republican plan. st... 3 3 "democrats will not vote for it. it's deaddon arrival in the senate if thhy get it out of the house." on... top of that, .../ the... white house... has said.../ the president áwouldá be ááifáá ssmeehw... it passed the senate..../ we asked: would you support tax hikes.../ if they of you... no hanks.../ thanks.../aarifah writes: noooooooo!!!!! we have been bled enough wiih taxes !! tim writes:three timms in 500years we'vv cut taxes and all three times, revenues we have some brraking news out of wwst baltimore. ballimore. just half aa hour ago, police officers were fired at byya
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man with a gun. it happened at tte intersection of monroo and harlee streets. the bullets missed the officers. they found the shooter and have him in ccstody. the area is closed down while they pollect evidence. a triple homicide in nortteast baltimore is discovered by firefighhers. firefighters. hours before tte fire was repprted, police were at the ssme house following a 9-1-1 all for initialll found no vidence of a shooting. but ireffghters found 3 people inside the home during a laterrccll, each one of them shot in the head. one person as still barely alive but died later. 3 i'm hocked i'm shocked e don't have that in this neighborhood. people in this other the victim's names - 3 an afternoon shhoting leaves a man ffghting for his liie and help. ii happened just afttr one this afternoon on baltimore. the man was st shot in the chest. paramedics rushed him to the
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hospiial. so far police haven't identified a motive or suspect. could be solved thanks to new evvdence discovered with the suspected east coast rapist. police say aaron thomass d-n-a has been linkee ooa 1999 ttack in greenbelt. more testing is nnedee to confirm a complete match. attacksson 17 otherrwomen up and down the east coast from virrinia to connectiiut. the head... of... the baltimore poliie../ inteenal affairs unit... iss reassigned..../ áá asáá part of... a... drrg investigation.... major... nathan warfield.../ drrg investigation.... major... nathan warfield.../ & internal affairs..../ wwrfield's facebook page.../ show him... wwth officer... daniel red..../ ááred'sáá ssspeeted... of dealing heroin... on the job.../. job.../.warfield'sáá noo aacused... of anny wrongdoing.. / áábut áá was transferred... because of his relationship.../ with... the suspectt../ 3 an update... on the girl.../ who allegedly kidnapped... a toddler... from bbltimore. jonae... boozer... will be charged as an... adult...//.
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counns of child abduccion,.../ assault aad bbrglary..../ ááshe'sáá at... the áábutáá will be... brooght ack to baltiimoe.../ to tand trial. 3 it could soon be a lot more difficult findinn your local post office. hundreds &pare targeted for clossre. closure. jeff abell is live in hampddn tonight with the ews, jeff..... jeff..... when's the last time ou ailed a letter...? these days, one in every two bills are paid online..... and that s causingga crisii here 33& todaa, theepostal serrice announned plans to close 37-hundred officess 42-of them are here in maryland. including the druid post office on pennsylvania avenue where neighbors are struugling wwih pennsylvania avenue where neighbors are struugling wwih &he news.. - happening but there's still a segmenn of the opulation that doesn't have access o that technology so they can't do postal service...." the closings could begii asssoon as januaryy some 45-hundred
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employees could ose their pobs. jeff abell, fox 45, news ate edition. a.... fight... over expanding... a fells point... homeless shelter...// turns... into a battle... at city hall.../. residents... say...// expanding... "beans and bread" .../ ps... being done...// with--out... their input...// áádespiteáá a... cityyzoning... hearing next week.. /// áácommunityáá leaders say../. 30-day notice...// ááthat'sáá what... the zoninggboard... promised..../// ((ammer) "any city agency that ccmes before the city council think sets a bad precedent." precedent."(bruce) "they just look down on people who don't theyyre filthy dirty scum of the earth and to me that's just rong." wrong." kraft... will introduce measures.../ requiring... the zoning board give at least.../ 30 days nottce... bbforeea hearing. lawmakers in maryland abouu how salty and swwet - treats could help generate new .
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revenue..... tate analysts briefeddmembers of committee today in annapolis.. on possibly expanding the state's sales tax to include snack foods. ...........revenue, they say, &pthat would be raised by a 6- perrenn sales tax..... ...........but the idea is leaving a bad ttstt in the mouths of some ax payees.. 3 mouths of some ax payees.. 3 & they tax you on everything.. , won't be long ttey'll be taxing you for brrathing.." breathing.." pt, i think the governmeet is too intrusivv. they aready rrally has nothing to do with the health of the united statts. it's actually has to do with profit." expansion talks also include medicine and various connumer ssrviies like landscaping...... &pstress tonight that one of the sales tax extensions are under active consideration at this time. naked cciminal, because bonnie is defending herrhouse.
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house. "i saad that, no, o, not in times." a man broke of tim- through the window oo bonnie's home in manchester, new hampshire. the 70--ear-old womannwas prrpared though. she crept downstairs and found the man standing there, clothee. when she confronted him, he stripped doww completely naked. ttat's whhn she started the man twice and he ran out of the house. police are still looking for im tonight. it's a good day or people who want to move to the midwest. some detroit businessss are offering ash foo workers to move into their downtown. home-buyers will get a 20 thousaad dollar forgivable loan iffthey stay in the city. enters will get almost four rand if they work in detroit for two years. the bad news is that detroit has taking the recession hardest. tte percent.ment rate is 20 - 3 aftte last week, .../ we'll take... the mid 90's. 90's. buu we won't beeout of the extreme heat for long.
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long. chief meteorologistt vytas reid is timing it all out for you with our skywatch fooecast. 3 "i know he has twoosmall children... so i was just eexressing concern they're good. good." another pcandal. why e still get - to hang out in thh aptiol eveenthough he's been forced to resign. 3& ii's an unbeataale guarantee for anyone who waats
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to cheat on their spouse. the promiss the affair webiste &pnew clients. a ssogan on a t-shirt puts one park at the center of the gay rights debate. why dollywooo is in trouble for enforcing their own rules.
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annther sex scandal costs a democrat his job in congress. represeetaaive wu is forced to resign after llegations he had sex with his friend's teenage daughter. shannon bream has the latess on how this sex scandal is affecting tte house. house. saying the time has embattled democrat - david wu of oregon - nnounced oday he will soon resign. the decision was apparently push from oregonns democratic wyden. after wu did not retuun their callss wu's chieff of staff was alerted yesttrday thht the senators would
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publicly call for wu's peeignation if he didd ot offer ittby noon today. their preparee statement read in part - "the accusations against david wu are both jarring and exceptionally seriius. ... we believv he can no longer bb an effective representative for pur shared constituunts ann should, ii the best interest of oregonn step down." wu did confide in some fellow house members after llegationn surfaced that hee graduated from high scchol al 3 last year - after rrpootedly telling some of is staff that the encounter wassconsensual. honda says: nothing i wanna thingg thouuh i want o respect ttat.""alz says: "i know he has two small i was just exxressing concern they're good." citing the well- beinn of his children - wu said n a statement toddy áquotee "i cannnt care forrmy family the way i wish while serving in ccngress and fighting these very serious alleeattons. ... i therefore upoo the resolution of the debt-ceiling crisis."
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sight - wu could be in ue in - wassinggon for while. as long as he's a member he'll stilllbe subjected to a possible investigaaion by the referrrd theeallegations osi - against wu to the committee yesterday. in the meantime, oregon's governor is prepping for a special election to fill wu's seatt- when heefinally does step down. bream s/u says: "congressman steve israel - who chairs the democraaic congressional campaign coomittee praised &pwu's decision to resign aad says he's confident democrats wwll retain his seat - which has been occupied by a democrrt since 19-75. in washhngttn - shannon bream - foo news." controversial... adultery website.../ is... ow providing .../ a guarantee.../ ááifáá its... ustomers... ddn't get...// an... affair/ affair,.../ the... cheats.../ hh... can't find a fling.../ by... following the website's.../ guidelines..../// ááfamilyáá groups... have... callld thhs site...// nothing... but....
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aa... "onnline brothel".../// áástilláá this... website... has... 8-million... mmmbbrs...// this... armed robber.../ anne arundel county...// 3 &páálastáá week... the uniientified suspect...// robbed... a... family dollar.../ store.../ in... glen burnie...// heáá covered... his right hand.../ with... gym shorts.../ and... forcee the worker...// to give... him...// the ádollarsá from the... register..../ ááifáá you're gonna... chance... ááwhyáá hit... a... itts hard to believe that a 93 degree day cca actually feel co. compared... to... last week.../ but... bad neww, .../ annther wave is onn &pthe way. way. hief meteorrlogiit vytas reid is here with your skywatch forecast.
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.....the wait is over...the
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complex in owings mills... bruce cuuningham will have more nexx in sports unlimittd at 11... dolly parton is sudddnly in the middle of the ay marriage debate..hh fight over this t-shirt that'' getting her a lot of bad press. on mondayy ozzie ponday, ozzie newsome had the axe out...he
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cut four big name players to clear up space under the salary cap..tonight, ww know where a lot of that money is gonna go...the ravens have agreed to erms with free &pagent lineean marshhll yanda.. yanda.. years, 32 million, with 10 is front loaded too...21 milllon ovvr the first three years..he was hotly pursued by drrve the price sky high...ut ozzie knows e's got a younn quarterbacn and a young runningback, and that meant the o-line had to be preserved..yanda can playu both guard and tackle, and will likely play guard this season... yanda's teammates began to arrive at the ravens complex in owings mills right around the nff mandated 10am report time...they spent the day getting physicals, packingg their lockers and basically getting reacquianted with the facility they havennt seen since the lockout started in
11:22 pm's been a very long waii, aad the players seemed very happy to be back in what is known as the castle in owings mills.. 3 maryland's llqqan williams, a pply graduate, has been signed as an undrafted freeeaaent....of course, training camp begiin tomorrow...aad since they're
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ever in owings mills, that applies to thh practice fields aa you can see, they were actually laying down turf thissmorning....they have also pet up dozens offcots around the complexxfor players to first day of tyraining camp, - tomorrow at 530, 10 and 11... to the ollege game...and t he one of it's longest running riv. rivalries... they announced ttday that their series with notre damee has been exttnded thru 2026, which will be the 100th anniversary of the firss meetiig between the two...the irish and mids will play in south bend in odd years. with navy serving as ome team in the even...they'll meet for the 844h tiie this october 29th in south 2012, the two will plaa in dublin ireland... after a night off, the birds they were north of the border, openinn up a three gamne series against the blue jays in toronto... toronno... if you like he longball thiss &pwas your ight....op 3rd, j hardy jerks this one out of the rogers enter...his 15th, &po's led 4-0...but in the bottom half, toronto
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one to left center...and itt carries over the was 4th...nolan reimold joinssthe paaade with this and then hardy strikes aggin...anks the hanging ccrve pnto theeseats in left..o's bang out 16 hits and roll 12- 4... tonight marked the beginning of a ninn gam,e road ttip to kansas city... 3 two lesbianss ay they were harassed at a popular theme park. how this t-shirt touched off a gay marriage debate. 3 3
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?y?y?y?yçç> a popular heme park ends up
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in the middle of the gay ebate. tennessee's... &pdollywood... is taking a lot of heaa.../ after... asking a woman... to remove.../ her... t-shirt. t-shirt. the reaaon--? because... it read,,../ "marriagg is so gay.".../ ááolivieráá odom.../ and... her paarner... jenniferrtipton--/// say... the shirr promotes .../ marriage equality.../ ááannáá is... not a hateffl thingg..///. áátheáá worker... thought otherwise...// vytas... has your final check of the skywatch forecast.
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that's all for the lte edition...i'm jeff arnd... and i'm jennifer gilberttgoodni. goodnight. 3
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